The official alternative to the revolution is listening to pop-singers. The pro-Lukashenka state youth organization “BRSM” (Belarusian Republican Union of Youth) announced a set of events, scheduled for March, 25. They will be organized under the motto “For independent Belarus”.

There will be a concert near the new building of the National library a 12 a.m., and a festival of street culture in the airport Minsk-1.

“These actions have nothing in common with the opposition plans to organize their action on Marhc, 25”, said Uladzimir Zubryk, deputy head of the Ideologic Work Department of the Minsk city council. “It’s summer, young people meet each other more often, we must organize their free time”.

Meanwhile, one of Nasha Niva readers in Arhangelsk (Russia) promised to send sms to all local Belarusians he knows, so that they could gather in the center of their city, near the monument to the victims of political repressions, in order to sing patriotic songs.

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